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Who we are

For 20 years, we’ve been the  leader in creative media education. We consistently graduate industry-ready students with real passion for what they do from our two main campuses: one based in the bustling centre of Cape Town’s business district, the other in vibey Johannesburg.

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What we do

Building on our 20 year legacy of successfully offering creative full and part-time qualifications in Cape Town and Johannesburg, CityVarsity Online now makes creative courses, designed by leading subject matter experts accessible to you – Online! By harnessing the power of educational technology to make this a reality.

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Industry savvy experts
Backed by CityVarsity’s

In collaboration with CityVarsity’s departments and our industry savvy Subject Matter Experts (SME), we are able to prepare and deliver course material that is current and relevant. The SME’s create content for online courses based on their knowledge and experience within the working world, allowing them to design and present material of the highest calibre.

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Our inspiring and industry-savvy Department of Multimedia Design & Production equips students to become accomplished in the design and production of print media, web design and interactive media design. We combine technical expertise with creative passion to prepare graduates for careers in the ever-expanding world of visual communication.



The skills taught in our department cover a wide scope of journalistic applications, including print, TV, radio and digital media. With a finger on the pulse of the world of media and communications, we equip our students with real-world expertise and insight. Contextual studies and creative writing add to a broad skill set and excellent career prospects.



The department of photography at CityVarsity is an education space focused on harnessing the talent, passion and creativity of students through the exploration of creative, commercial, professional and fine art photography. Students develop and expand their creativity by capturing life in motion whilst crafting a career.


Online course support
academic advising centre

With the freedom that online education brings, CityVarsity Online learners can upskill in their own time, from almost anywhere on earth. Well, anywhere where the internet is accessible, that is. But although our learners may roam far and wide, they are never far out of our mind. Each course is assigned their own academic advisor from our Academic Advising Centre (AAC), who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their online learning experience.

Learners can expect their academic advisors to answer questions, solve issues and provide further clarification on any aspects of the course. As a service offered as part of the course, learners can request a chat via email with their AAC and will be called back to assist with anything course related.


Online course delivery and assessments

  • Module notes
  • Engaging Videos presented by the SME
  • Online Learning Studio
  • Supporting external content
  • Social Learning via discussions Forums
  • Assessment and Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Individual Feedback from the SME
  • Academic support from the Academic Advising Centre

CityVarsity Online Courses are designed and delivered by the course lecturers themselves, which will allow our students the opportunity to engage with these industry experts.
The subject matter specialists present their courses through module notes and short videos that are always accessible via the Online Learning Studio. Learner’s can simply log in and
continue learning where they left off.

Throughout the courses, learners are encouraged to refer to supporting external content for a broader understanding of the topics, and to engage in interactive forum discussions
between fellow students, promoting both independent and shared learning.

Quizzes throughout each course allow learners to test their own grasp of each module, and possibly highlight areas of misunderstanding that can be discussed with their academic advisor.

Each module is accompanied by an assignment, which may be made up of a number of tasks. Learners are required to submit their assignments for assessment by the supplied
deadlines, and can expect timely feedback direct from their academic advisor.


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