Introduction to Copy-Editing

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12 weeks

Why an Introduction to Copy-Editing Course?

The world of words has expanded at an exponential rate. Copy-editors play an indispensable role, as they act as a kind of ‘gatekeeper’, turning what could be a tumbleweed array of words into something coherent and correct, thereby inviting the reader to assimilate information with pleasure. Wading through content riddled with errors can become subliminal sandpaper to the eye, which inevitably irks the mind. Errors disrupt comprehension and readers may find themselves questioning the overall credibility of the content. In fact, the process of professional editing can turn basic ‘copy’ into great ‘content’. Quality copy-editing results in the creation of a complete content package that is easy to read, reliable and informative. It ensures that copy is presented at its best for publication, with an aim of education or entertainment, and ultimately, readers’ enjoyment.


Welcome to our Introduction to Copy-editing course. By the end of the course, you will have the ability to successfully copy-edit across a variety of content types. As an individual, you would have increased levels of competence and be able to:

  • Describe different kinds or approaches to editing
  • Know why accuracy is important
  • Understand the importance of consistency
  • Identify one style and know how to adhere to it
  • Compile a style guide and apply it consistently
  • Define and be able to combat/stop plagiarism
  • Compare the different platforms used for content and how each one differs
  • Outline how to work with different individuals in an editorial environment
  • Explain how to look out for common mistakes, errors and typos
  • Illustrate how to keep structure to a sentence/paragraph
  • Recognise how to switch between the different styles of writing

Subject Expert

Cathryn Henderson has been involved in editing over the last 15 years. She has an eclectic understanding of the written word having worked on books, magazines and online content. The breadth of her experience includes employers such as lifestyle and entertainment-focused Ramsay Media for Wine magazine, the radio station Classic FM for Classic Wine magazine, as well as educational publishing houses Oxford University Press, EDGE Learning Media and the Management College of South Africa. She has also developed learning material and recently co-authored an English Second Language title for Oxford University Press, Namibian schools.

Cathryn recently established an editing and writing consultancy for book manuscripts, dissertations, internal policy documents, academic review, as well as lifestyle articles, marketing communications in the form of press releases and newsletters and online content. She believes in a creative approach, to embrace each subject or project wholeheartedly and convey this enthusiasm – as clearly as possible! She is a self-declared ‘word enthusiast’ never far from a book, and is always inspired to continue the exciting cycle of sharing and gaining knowledge and experiences through the power of words.

Tutor Support

With the freedom that online education brings, CityVarsity Online students can upskill in their own time, from almost anywhere on earth. Well, anywhere where the internet is accessible, that is. But although our students may roam far and wide, they are never far out of our minds.

Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their learning experience. The Online Academic Tutor, who is assigned to your course, is trained to build each student up to reach their fullest potential. Students can expect their Online Academic Tutor to answer questions, offer advice and provide further clarification on any academic aspects.

Course and Technical Requirements

In order to get the full benefit from this course, you require the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet
  • Stable internet connection
  • Firefox/Microsoft Edge/Chrome web browser (latest version)
  • Adobe Acrobat, or similar PDF viewer
  • Microsoft Word/Pages (ability to export documents as PDF files)
  • Email/Cell phone for notifications and communication
  • Webcam

How You Will Learn

  • Online Learning Studio
  • Module Notes
  • Videos
  • External URLs
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Feedback
  • Forum Discussions
  • Academic Support

This course is presented through an interactive learning platform – our Online Learning Studio. You are encouraged to refer to external URLs for a broader understanding and complete the quizzes in order to test your own grasp of each module. Feedback on your assignments will deepen your learning experience, and your participation in the discussion forum with your fellow students brings the classroom into your space.


Upon successful completion of your course, you will be awarded a CityVarsity Online certificate.

module outline

  • MODULE 0
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 1
    Introduction to the cornerstones of copy-editing
  • MODULE 2
    Structure: Logic, relevance and completion
  • MODULE 3
    Styles of writing
  • MODULE 4
    Accuracy: spelling and punctuation
  • MODULE 5
    Meaning: advanced grammar guides
  • MODULE 6
  • MODULE 7
  • MODULE 8
    Working within an editorial team
  • MODULE 9
    Editorial workflow for different publications
  • MODULE 10
    Copy-editing on-screen methods and tools
  • MODULE 11

Payment options available to you

Credit Card
Payment Plan
EFT/Direct Deposit


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