Introduction to Digital Video Editing

online short course

R8 500.00


8 weeks

Why a Digital Video Editing Course?

With us being in a digital era, more of our lives revolve around the online sphere. Companies and the general public are creating online content themselves. This means there is more digital designs and digital video content than ever before.

People want to share their everyday lives more than ever, as shown by the growth of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Cellphone companies are annually outputting newer devices that push filmmaking and photography further into everyone’s hand.

People want in. This reason is why this course has been successful on face-to-face campuses. People want to share, to create and this course helps them to find a way to start.

With this course using the Adobe CC platform of software, it’s a course that is relevant to current industry software trends. More and more people and companies are using Adobe products, all due to Adobe’s aggressive marketing strategy and consultation with industry professionals.

This course makes a difference by providing an understanding of the software that the majority want to use and showing the audience things that they don’t ever get to see. It explores features that are not fully understood by the everyday Adobe user. This course gives you a greater look at the possibilities of Adobe Premier Pro that will excite and enhance a professional’s workflow and we give it to you as a way to set you off on your journey.


This course will cover theories on editing, and these are designed to add thought and intent to your work, and not make it all about technical skill alone. There are also practicals designed to test your technical skills in combination with theoretical knowledge.

It’s important that we understand the digital world as an editor. This course gives the student a base to allow themselves to improve and evolve on their own as the industry and the world improves and evolves. One way this course is different to others is that it does not solely focus on just the editor.

Subject Expert

Talented artist, director and qualified film editor Maghdie Fife is a well-known name on the Cape Town film scene. Naturally artistic, his passion for all things creative led him to completing his Honours Degree in Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious film school, AFDA Cape Town. Even though he was a full-time student at the time, Maghdie worked part-time as an Editor and Visual Effects Supervisor, winning the Vision Mission Award from Ster-Kinekor for directing and editing the commercial “Mother’s Kisses” in 2013. In 2014 he was hired as a screenwriter for Q-Up Entertainment, working on the reality series “The Shores”, before going on to become the Head of SLTV at Soccer Laduma.

Maghdie’s impressive, fast-climbing career is testament to his expertise, dedication to creating quality content and passion for the South African film industry.

Currently, he teaches the next generation of creatives as the editing lecturer at CityVarsity; a position he has held proudly since July 2017.

Maghdie’s most recent work credits include directing the short film Topia in 2018. The film was purchased for VOD. He also directed a Music Video in association with WolfKraft Productions for major international record label, Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

Tutor Support

With the freedom that online education brings, CityVarsity Online students can upskill in their own time, from almost anywhere on earth. Well, anywhere where the internet is accessible, that is. But although our students may roam far and wide, they are never far out of our minds.

Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their learning experience. The Online Academic Tutor, who is assigned to your course, is trained to build each student up to reach their fullest potential. Students can expect their Online Academic Tutor to answer questions, offer advice and provide further clarification on any academic aspects.

Course and Technical Requirements

In order to get the full benefit from this course, you require the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet
  • Stable internet connection
  • Firefox/Microsoft Edge/Chrome web browser (latest version)
  • Adobe Acrobat, or similar PDF viewer
  • Microsoft Word/Pages (ability to export documents as PDF files)
  • Email/Cell phone for notifications and communication
  • Some experience with design apps

How You Will Learn

  • Online Learning Studio
  • Module Notes
  • Videos
  • External URLs
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Feedback
  • Forum Discussions
  • Academic Support

This course is presented through an interactive learning platform – our Online Learning Studio. You are encouraged to refer to external URLs for a broader understanding and complete the quizzes in order to test your own grasp of each module. Feedback on your assignments will deepen your learning experience, and your participation in the discussion forum with your fellow students brings the classroom into your space.


Upon successful completion of your course, you will be awarded a CityVarsity Online certificate.

module outline

  • MODULE 0
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 1
    Abilities and Responsibilities
  • MODULE 2
    Introduction to the Platform
  • MODULE 3
    Stages to Remember
  • MODULE 4
    The Magic
  • MODULE 5
    Editing Theory
  • MODULE 6
  • MODULE 7

Payment options available to you

Credit Card
Payment Plan
EFT/Direct Deposit


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