Professional Certification in Digital Selling

online short course

R20 000.00 R17 000.00


5 weeks

Why a Professional Certification in Digital Selling Course?

The Professional Certification in Digital Selling programme is aimed at anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities and consolidate their practical application of digital tools and social selling techniques. This course will teach you how to develop your online brand by creating and promoting relevant content; build solid relationships online and ensure client satisfaction; adapt the tone, style and type of your content based on your target audience; maximise the impact of your digital selling with the use of CRM tools, digital tools and social media platforms and understand how to lead the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organisation.


Welcome to the Professional Certification in Digital Selling course.  With this course, you will understand the concept of digital selling, how it has transformed the sales process, and how you can leverage advanced tools and techniques to become a prolific digital seller. Gain insight into the traditional and digital selling methods and the benefits that can be gained from adopting a digital selling approach to your current sales activities.

Tutor Support

With the freedom that online education brings, CityVarsity Online students can upskill in their own time, from almost anywhere on earth. Well, anywhere where the internet is accessible, that is. But although our students may roam far and wide, they are never far out of our minds.

Each course is assigned its own Online Academic Tutor, who is ready and waiting to guide and assist their learners throughout their learning experience. The Online Academic Tutor, who is assigned to your course, is trained to build each student up to reach their fullest potential. Students can expect their Online Academic Tutor to answer questions, offer advice and provide further clarification on any academic aspects.

Course and Technical Requirements

To successfully access and complete this course, you will be required to have a registered email account, access to a computer/laptop/tablet and stable internet connection. You will be required to be familiar with using a computer as you may need to be able to read and download documents in Adobe PDF Reader, view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and read and create documents in Microsoft Word.

Our online short learning programmes may require additional software applications. These additional software application requirements will be communicated to you in this information pack and/or on the website course page. CityVarsity Online does not provide any additional software applications required for online short learning programmes.

Please note: Google, YouTube and Vimeo may be used in our online course delivery. If any of these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing our course content.


Upon successful completion of your course, you will be awarded a CityVarsity Online certificate.

module outline

  • MODULE 1
    What is Social Selling?
  • MODULE 2
    The Art of Targeting
  • MODULE 3
    Tools of Attraction
  • MODULE 4
    Increasing Engagement
  • MODULE 5
    Closing and Retaining

Payment options available to you

Credit Card
Payment Plan
EFT/Direct Deposit


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