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Where Passion Meets Profession #TheCareerYouLove

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Why CityVarsity Online?

We’ve been in the creative media space for 24 years and we are here to help you through your journey! CityVarsity is a creative media institute and believes in providing students with the best learning techniques and artistic skills, by providing convenient and easy to access online courses to students that are passionate about pursuing a career in the creative world. CityVarsity Online is a brand of UNI4 Online (Pty) Ltd that works together along with our leading subject matter experts to provide students with creative online short courses. Our courses will equip you with the in-demand skills that will help you transform your dream career into a reality. Find your inner creativity with CityVarsity Online, where passion meets reality.

Unlimited Support

CityVarsity Online understands how important the learning process is for our students. We provide our students with the assistance they need in real-time. Ensuring you get the support you need to achieve your qualification and reach your full potential. 

World-Class Content

We aim to ensure that your online learning experience is engaging, informative, and fulfilling. We work hand-in-hand with our leading subject-matter experts to ensure that we provide our students with high-quality online educational resources.  

Accredited Certification

CityVarsity provides students with online courses that meet the appropriate standards and requirements, needed to fulfil student qualifications. Upon successful completion of your course you will be awarded with a certificate of competence.

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